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Research Conclusions – Combining Therapeutic Dog Training and Medical Clowns

The Intervention Program – Dog training with the combined intervention of a therapeutic dog

trainer and a medical clown for children between 6 and 12 living in an emergency shelter, was

established at the kennels, in response to the vision of TRCI, for helping people by means of

working with animals.

The rationale for the cooperation between the kennels and medical clowns was, that cooperation

between therapeutic dog training and medical clowns would have a great effect and have the

added value of calming children, possibly more than each of these on their own. The goal was to

generate emotional activity and to allow children to ventilate, with an experiential approach.

The activity was led by the therapeutic dog trainer, and the role of the clown was to support the

process. In summary of the process, from the group’s point of view, it is apparent that the

children achieved an experience of success from the “training”. From an individual point of

view, one can relate to the exceptional progress that the children made during this program.

It can be determined, in light of the results of the study, that the presence of the clown

contributed support to those children who needed it, thanks to her therapeutic approach.

Accordingly, it is recommended to increase her integration with the medical dog trainer in the

programs for children with special needs.

In would in addition, be worthwhile deepening mutual acquaintance with the work of the

medical clown and the therapeutic dog trainer, in order to define the roles and interaction

between them at an early stage, prior to the work.

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