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Therapeutic dog training is based on the innate qualities of dogs, and strengthening them to assist in the therapeutic process. A dog that is designated to be used in canine assisted therapy, is trained in socialization, improving self image, reinforcing self confidence and strengthening the sense of capability.

The course for instructors of therapeutic dog training has become very popular in Israel in the past few years. The field of therapeutic dog training stems from the field of dog training that integrates various activities with dogs, in order to assist children, youth and adults in social, emotional and physical areas. Therapeutic dog training is an enthralling profession that offers satisfaction and allows one to turn the love they have for animals in general, and dogs in particular, into a profession.

TRCI as a leader in the field
The course for therapeutic dog training was built on accumulated knowledge and experience at the therapeutic dog kennels in Tel Mond, where more than 3.000 children have been treated each year, for thirteen years. Treating children with the help of dogs, generates the trio that includes the child, the dog and the therapist.

The essentials of the training and the certificates
In the course for Therapeutic Dog Training, we deal with the knowledge and skills required to treat children and to work with our therapeutic “tool”, the dog. The first year of studies includes a course in dog training and awards a certificate as a professional dog trainer. The second year of studies we teach therapeutic techniques in the field of dog training and their implementation with children who are dealing with attention deficit disorders, autism and other difficulties.
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Work in the field
In addition to theoretic studies, we emphasize practical training and accompaniment of students through their individual and group internships. In this framework there is an option for specialization that is suited to the population the student wishes to work with as a professional. The course includes assistance in self marketing – how to market oneself as a professional, what is important to know, and with whom one can form cooperation, how to market on the internet etc. The tools are presented in a course that will assist participants in turning knowledge and experience into a profession that provides an income.

Nice to Meet You – Dog Training therapy

Canine assisted therapy is a unique method of therapy that combines social, educational, psychological and rehabilitation elements all assisted by dogs. This method of therapy is
designated for a variety of populations such as young people at risk, ADHD, people with special needs and others.

The connection that people have with dogs is very strong. Dogs have an innate ability to communicate, to bring emotions to the surface and get rid of emotional obstructions.

These abilities are the basis for the assistance that dogs offer in the treatment of people.

The meeting between people and dogs provides an opportunity for giving and receiving love, supplying positive feedback and experiencing success, thereby contributing to improvement of the mental and physical well being of patients. Communication with dogs is always smooth and flowing, there are no threatening situations and no fear of criticism or judgment.

In addition, a dog is capable of granting love, pleasant touch and assists patients in opening up without holding back.

The emotional aspect – Therapy with dogs can be divided into emotional and physical aspects:

enlists the unique qualities of dogs to reflect the patient’s behavior, to improve self image and their abilities and empowers their feeling of capability.

The physical aspect – The therapist creates a space of therapeutic training for the patient, using a variety of concepts from the world of dogs. Therapeutic dog training sees the wide range of disorders and adapts the required therapy to suit the needs of the patient.

Therapeutic dog training empowers the physiological, cognitive and emotional process of therapy, by means of a method of therapy that is suitable to the wide range of special needs of the patients.

Dog Training Therapy – The Leading Course in Israel

The course for Dog Training therapy is based on the experience we have accumulated in the therapeutic kennel in Tel Mond, where 3,000 children have been treated annually, for the past 13 years. Canine assisted treatment of children generates the triangle in which the child, the dog and the therapist are all participants..

During the course for Therapeutic Dog Training, we will first include knowledge of daily skills required for the treatment of children and working in dog assisted therapy. We will also, from the very start of the course, offer another unique direction for our students’ development, while they are learning about dog assisted therapy.
The first year of studies includes a course in dog training that provides a Certified Dog Trainer diploma, a variety of theoretical studies regarding both treatment of children and business marketing, to ensure that the knowledge gained on this course, will be used professionally.
During the second year we teach therapeutic techniques in dog assisted therapy, and its implementation in assisting children with ADHD, Autism (PDD) and other difficulties. We will include the field of parental guidance, which will provide parents with skills that will help them deal more effectively with the various challenges and social issues which many children face today, especially those who with special needs which we specialize in during this course.
During the theoretical studies, we also place emphasis on the practical training and mentoring of students in individual and group internships. This is the most significant stage of the course, which promotes the development of the students’ personal abilities, and their individual style as therapists. Specialization takes place in this framework, when the students choose the population they will work with as professionals.
Self Marketing – The coming course will also include provision of tools for self marketing; response to the questions – how should one market oneself as a professional? What is important to know about this? Who to collaborate with? How can I promote myself on the internet? Where should I invest and how much? These tools will be taught in the course in order to help the participants turn the knowledge and experience they will gain, into a gainful profession.

The staff of the Therapeutic Dog Training Course:

Dr. Dorit Brafman – Academic Director of the courses in Therapeutic Riding and Dog Training, Executive Director of the Organization, and also a lecturer at Bar Ilan University and at the University of Ariel.
Dr. Alon Barnea – Veterinarian, Small Animal Assisted Therapist, and Director of the Veterinarian Topics in the courses.
Ilan Frumkin – Professional Director, Therapeutic Dog Training course, manages Dog Assisted therapy and TRCI
Or Weiss-Barnea –As Therapy and Training Coordinator, she coordinates the professional internship of the dog assisted therapy courses.

About the Therapeutic Riding Center in Tel Mond

The course is held at the “Therapeutic Riding Center in Tel Mond” – the center is an active NPO that annually assists hundreds of adults, children and teenagers to manage physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities including: head injuries, spine injuries, learning and behavioral disorders, hearing disabilities, deaf, traffic accident victims and IDF disabled veterans. There is a very unique atmosphere there that cannot be described in words… We recommend coming to visit and getting to know the place and the unique atmosphere that combines heartfelt generosity with highly professional therapy. In the past few years, the center has been chosen to carry out professional systematic research for the University of Bar Ilan.

Our Target Market

Applicants who are keen to combine their love of dogs and their wish to assist a population with special needs
Dog trainers who wish to acquire tools to work with people with special needs.
Trained therapists who wish to integrate additional therapeutic tools into their work
The course is for students of 20 years of age and up.
We are glad to be of service.


Ilan Frumkin, Director of the Therapeutic Kennels
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