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TRCI – The Non Profit Organization for Therapeutic Riding and Dog Training in Israel, Tel Mond

TRCI – The organization for Therapeutic Riding and Dog Training in Israel, Tel Mond – a nonprofit organization that specializes in treatment with the help of horses and dogs, for a wide range of people with special needs – is a ground breaker in the field of therapeutic riding and dog training.

TRCI was founded in 1988, and is managed by Dr. Dorit Brafman, Executive Director of the Organization, a lecturer at Bar Ilan University and at the University of Ariel.
The NPO specializes in therapeutic intervention using horses and dogs, according to the patients’ needs and serves as a center for rehabilitation and the training of instructors.
TRCI offers individual and group therapy programs, personally planned for the individual.
TRCI has also established a research unit, a unit that is very innovative in this field, which has participated in cutting edge research in cooperation with the University Of Bar Ilan’s School for Social Work. The purpose of the research unit is to develop a body of leading information using empiric proof, showing the impact of therapy using riding and dog training.
The studies focus on the influence these therapies have on a variety of populations: patients, parents, volunteers, victims of post trauma , dog training, riding – a comprehensive study for a variety of populations provided with the service.
The center holds over 1500 therapeutic interventions per month, with over 3000 children each year.
This is the leading center in Israel for therapeutic interventions, using horses and dogs, for a variety of populations such as: road accident victims, IDF disabled veterans, rehabilitation, people with physical, mental and cognitive disabilities, people with head and spinal injuries, learning disabilities and behavioral disorders, congenital problems, hearing disabilities and deafness, and the blind, who come to the center by means of referrals such as the Ministry of Defense, Young Adults at Risk, children, National Insurance, HMO patients, Social Welfare etc.
TRCI generates rehabilitation and healing in the lives of patients and their families both during treatment and upon completion. There are exciting results from every individual and group therapy session.
We invite you to be a part of this health promoting and inclusive organization.

The Objective

The Center for Therapeutic riding and dog training takes the lead and serves as the center chosen for advanced therapeutic and humane assistance, and as the NPO that specializes in therapeutic horse riding and dog training as the place in which one chooses to work and volunteer:

  • To bring about a change in the life of the patient and his surroundings thanks to the therapeutic programs personally adapted to the patients’ needs, thanks to the supporting staff and successful therapy.
  • To assist people with special needs to live in a healthy and accepting society while continually improving their quality of life.
  • To research and investigate and empirically prove the impact of therapeutic riding and dog training on the lives of patients.
  • To resolutely lead in all areas of professional therapeutic horse riding and dog training for the benefit of the patients.

Our Vision

TRCI, the leading center in Israel for the treatment of a wide range of people with special needs by means of equine and canine assisted therapy. TRCI is the leading center for therapeutic horse riding and dog training thanks to the excellent quality of the treatments, the support for patients and families as well as the innovation and research in this field.
The NPO emphasizes the quality of the therapy in realizing our vision – to bring about a change in the lives of the patients and their surroundings.
TRCI undertakes to provide therapy that is of excellent professional quality – advanced in international terms. It is focused on personal relationships, encouraging distinction by perpetually enhancing the staff; we focus on academic and research development and fruitful cooperation with the community and other organizations.

According to CEO

doritThe Non Profit Organization –“Therapeutic Riding Center in Israel” was established in 1998, and ever since, has offered a therapeutic solution for diverse sectors of the ‘special needs’ population, assisted by dogs and therapeutic riding. Since its establishment, thousands of children and adults have been awarded professional, dedicated therapy, and they have enjoyed a unique connection with the animals.

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The Board of Directors

TRCI’s Board of Directors consists of volunteers who manage the activities of the organization, constituting the voluntary leadership of the NPO whose job it is to lead activities to attain the goals and realize the vision, to determine the vision and the policies of TRCI, to determine the budget, approve it etc.
Members of the board of the Therapeutic Riding and Dog Training Center represent the field of therapeutic intervention, which focuses on the welfare of the patients and success of the treatment process. They are obliged to act in good faith in the organization and to act in accordance with the laws and regulations pertaining to the NPO’s activities.

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Our Volunteers

The Therapeutic Riding Center of Israel regularly relies on the assistance of dedicated volunteers. Every year there are over 250 people who volunteer on a regular basis every day throughout the entire year. Some of the volunteers live in the centers community living facility. These are young volunteers, who choose to perform their National Service working at TRCI, and they comprise a significant workforce in the therapeutic stable and dog kennels.
Three years ago, the NPO initiated a unique cooperation with the Israel Volunteer Association, whereby we are the only organization in the country that offers communal living for the volunteers of Israel’s National Service together with volunteers from Germany, who choose to come to Israel and dedicate an entire year of their lives, to pure generous contribution to society.
Every day, we and our clients, express our heartfelt gratitude for the assistance, the contribution, the caring activity of each and every one of our volunteers, who come in to offer their help daily, and to the volunteers in the Commune for their generosity, humility and dedication to the center’s clients.
And thanks to all of those who believe that change begins from within.
Well done!

The Team

Keren Wolf Shanbal
Keren Wolf Shanbal
Coordinator of therapeutic riding training courses
Yoav Lavita
Yoav Lavita
Therapeutic Riding Guide
Ilan Promkun
Ilan Promkun
Director of therapeutic kennels
Dana Mokiri
Carmel Herut
Carmel Herut
Dog therapy instructure
Sivan korzner
Sivan korzner
Coordinator of Social Worker and Instructor for therapeutic riding
ziva romano
Office Administrator
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