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    The Organization for Therapeutic Riding and Dog Training at Tel Mond, is a Non Profit Organization that specializes in equine and canine assisted treatment for a wide range of people with special needs.
    TRCI adopts individual and group patients into annual programs of therapeutic riding and dog training, which are adapted to the patients’ specific needs.
    We would appreciate donations in the following activity channels:

    Magical Friday


    TRCI will be happy to host 50 children and their parents and offer a magical experience – horse riding, games with dogs, one morning of magical activities

    A special bonus for employees of the organization

    9,600 NIS – Magical Friday

    ODT Executive Activity


    ODT activities for management and employees

    This program is designated and adapted for each organization and its goals, empowering management and employees through unique activities which takes place around the world of horses and dogs.

    Achieving the organizations goals with a unique program that is adapted to the needs of the organization

    22,000 NIS ODT Special

    Adopt patients

    The association adopts plans for which patients and customized treatment plans
    You can also adopt a patient or group of patients
    Come and caused a change

    Research Unit

    As leaders in the field of therapeutic riding and dog training in Israel, in 2014 the first research unit of its kind was established; ground breakers who have made it their purpose, to study and empirically prove the effect of therapeutic riding and dog training on a wide range of populations with different needs.

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