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Therapeutic Riding Instructors Course


Therapeutic Riding , or Equine-assisted therapy, is based on the unique qualities of the horse, which contribute to people’s health and well being. Therapeutic riding is included in modern motion therapeutic techniques, the rhythmic movement felt by the rider on a horse, as well as the physical contact and the motivation, make horses excellent partners for the process of therapy.

Equine assisted therapy helps achieve many goals of therapy, including emotional, communicative, and behavioral goals as well as motor skills etc. Therapeutic riding instructors enjoy a feeling of fulfillment from every session. This is an empowering, unusual career – being able to touch and motivate people and help others in the process of integrating into society.

Increasing demand for instructors

Thanks to therapeutic riding’s inclusion in the HMO health basket services, equine assisted therapy in Israel has flourished in the past few years. This in turn creates an increasing demand for professional therapeutic riding instructors, who are being incorporated into therapeutic riding centers all around Israel.

TRCI as a leader in the field

The advantage TRCI has is that the center both trains instructors, and serves as a highly experienced and professional treatment center, which is well aware of the needs and constantly updates the information. In addition there is the TRCI research center which is constantly developing and acquiring the latest knowledge. The Center’s facility is the most advanced and convenient in the country, with the most experienced and skilled staff. The horses have also been specifically chosen for therapy, and the wide range of equipment and accessories are adapted for therapeutic riding.


Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive the two certificates required by law, for all therapeutic riding instructors. Our certificate is particularly meaningful as a center that not only teaches but is an active therapeutic center.

Employment in this field

Internship following the program is held at TRCI, where the students are incorporated into the existing instructing staff on the ranch, one of the best in the country. During internship the students will experience working with a wide range of cases in various therapeutic areas. Outstanding students from each course, work at TRCI at Tel Mond, where thousands of children and adults dealing with various difficulties, are treated every year. The center is authorized by the HMO’s, the Ministry of Defense and other leading organizations.

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