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TRCI is the leading NGO offering animal assisted
therapy to the special needs population,
with the help of horses and dogs.
Every contribution and donation helps bring about change
in the life patients and their environment.
The leading therapeutic team helps patients integrate
into a healthy and accepting society
All proceeds are donated to TRCI
Help us make an impact Inspire and advance more patients
Help us make a difference in the lives of more patients and their environment
The therapeutic process is adapted to the needs of the patient

Welcome to the Therapeutic Riding and Dog Training NPO at Tel Mond

The Non Profit Organization that specializes in equine and canine assisted therapy
To a wide range of people with special needs
You are invited to join us to generate change for another patient and those who surround them

To create a healthy and accepting environment

The Research Unit

Research and development in the field of therapeutic intervention: studies empirically prove the impact of therapeutic riding and dog training on people with special needs. To get acquainted with the research unit.
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Therapist Training

TRCI’s center for training future generations of equine and canine assisted therapy. We are the only organization in Israel that is both a center for training and a center for treatment. Our graduates and instructors are at the forefront in therapy in Israel. To join the training program,click here

Donations to the Community

Small change can make a huge difference in the life of a patient and their family – you are invited to help us create a healthy and accepting society!

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TRCI Services

The organization develops designated, personally adapted treatment programs assisted by horses and dogs, to groups and individuals. To see the treatment programs offered at TRCI

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TRCI’s Benefits

The organization for Therapeutic Riding and Dog Training aspires to lead in the field of therapeutic intervention using horses and dogs. TRCI serves as a unique therapeutic center for all those seeking advanced humane assistance and as a preferential place to work and volunteer.

  • The Organization for Therapeutic Riding and Dog training at Tel Mond- is the leading center in Israel in the field of therapeutic intervention

  • Leading in the best equine and canine assisted therapy – professional above all else

  • Leading in the treatment of patients and their families – a professional support staff for the designated programs for each individual patient or group

  • Leading in innovation and research – the first research unit of its kind in Israel

TRCI is committed to the provision of professional, excellent and advanced therapy on an international standard, with emphasis on personal attention, encouraging the excellence of the staff through constant devotion , academic research and development and fruitful cooperation with the community and other organizations.

More about us

“Hope is a waking dream”


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    Let’s Donate

    The Research Unit

    The firs research unit of its kind in Israel
    Empirically studies the impact of therapeutic riding and dog training

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    Adopt patients

    The association adopts plans for which patients and customized treatment plans You can also adopt a patient or group of patients Come and caused a change



    TRCI adopts patients and plans individually adapted treatment programs for them
    You too can adopt a patient or a group of patients
    Join us in making a difference

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