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Together for a Secure Future – The Program for Youth Empowerment

In the past few years, TRCI has been working with National Insurance and the Lev Hasharon

Regional Council, on a unique project that trains youths for viable future employment, in the

field of horses and dogs. This project provides them with vocational training which they receive

under a blanket arrangement that includes their participating in community voluntary work. In

each cycle there are 30 boys and girls aged 15-17, from the Lev Hasharon Regional Council,

who are chosen by professionals according to the parameters established at the start of the

program, which is closely monitored by social workers and educators.

The Structure of the Program

The program works on three levels – practical, voluntary and social:

The practical level – training in the kennels or stables: during the first month they tried out

activities in the kennel and stable in order to choose the most suitable for them. They then were

given theoretic training in riding and dog training, beginning with the evolution of the animals

and through to appropriate access and solving problems. During the summer, after extended

training, the youths joined the TRCI staff working for a salary, and at the end of this process they

were examined. Those who passed were given a certificate as either a “Riding Instructor” or a

“Dog Trainer”. On the practical level the youths gained practical tools to manage their finances

and prepare them for real life.

The voluntary level – The youth’s voluntary work was participation in the activities of special

needs children of their age group, whose physical functions were reasonable (able to walk, some

with some aid) but who had communication difficulties (intellectual disabilities or autism). On

this program, a volunteer was selected to accompany each special needs youth, and they were to

accompany them during all activities in the stables or the kennel, from the moment they arrived

at TRCI and until they got onto the bus. Before and after each meeting, there were prep sessions

in which the volunteers were given information about the activities for that day, and afterward

they shared their experiences. Over time very warm relationships between the two groups were


The social level – the chosen youth came from various settlements in the region, girls and boys,

religious and secular, from different school in the jurisdiction. The purpose was, amongst

others, to generate a feeling of pride in belonging to the group. For this purpose the connection

began from the moment they first gathered on the bus, and met with the professionals who would

accompany them throughout the process. They were constantly in touch with the families. The

group not only enjoyed the course and the voluntary work, but they also participated in parties

and social activities that contributed to strengthening the relationships within the group.

To sum up

After a long program that lasted 18 months, these young people and their families can testify to

the huge change this program has produced in their lives, and we are therefore able to crown this

year a huge success.


We would like to thank everyone who contributes and supported this important project:

National Insurance: Thanks to Mrs. Efrat Ben Horin, Director of the Foundation for Children

and Youth at Risk, at the National Insurance for the generous funding.

The Lev Hasharon Regional Council: Thanks to Mrs. Orit Bar, Director of the Dept. for Social

Welfare and Community.

Thanks to Asaf Mashiach and Sahar Dahari for leading the program with unusual caring and


Thanks to the management of TRCI and the staff of instructors who transformed the idea into


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